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Precautions for processing and installation of cutting busbars

Precautions for processing and installation of cutting busbars


Apply mechanical methods and prohibit the use of gas welding.

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9.2 The busbar is being adjusted. When leveling, do not directly strike with a hammer.

9.3 During the processing of busbars, the production equipment used should be used in accordance with the equipment operation regulations to ensure personal

   And equipment security.

9.4 During the tin plating process, pay attention to the safe use of acids and bases.

9.5 The fixing between the busbar support splint and the support insulator should be flat and firm, and should not make the supported

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The busbar is subjected to mechanical stress.

9.6 The busbar fixing device shall have no obvious edges and corners to prevent the discharge of the tip.

9.7 It is forbidden to walk in the arc area of the automatic switch.

10 Inspection regulations

10.1 According to the power distribution system diagram and manufacturing specifications, check the main circuit plan. Inter-cabinet communication. The incoming and outgoing lines should meet the requirements.

Cracks are not allowed at the bends, the height of the wrinkles at the side bends cannot exceed 1mm, and the surface of the bus bar should not have significant defects such as hammer marks and pits.

10.3 The overlapping surface of the busbar shall be flat and smooth, and naturally match.

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10.4 The busbar connection is tight and reliable, with anti-loosening measures, and the busbar installation and arrangement should be clearly arranged.

10.5 The busbar shall maintain its creepage distance and clearance under normal conditions of use.

10.6 When the functional unit is in the separated position, the gap between the exposed live part of its main circuit connector and the vertical bus bar or static contact is not less than 25mm.

10.7 The processing and installation of busbars comply with the requirements of the process code.

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