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Busbar installation process

Busbar installation process


bending the copper busbar

8.3 Fasteners for connection (bolts, spring washers, flat washers, nuts, etc.) shall comply with national standards, and are refined or semi-finished products of galvanized yellow.

8.4 The penetration direction of the bolts used for connection should be from bottom to top, from back to front, from left to right. In the remaining cases, the nut is placed on the maintenance side. The diameter of the bolt is selected according to the size of 1 to 1.5 mm smaller than the connection hole. The length is suitable for exposing the nut 2~3 buckle after flattening the spring washer.It is never allowed to exceed the diameter of the bolt itself or be retracted into the nut.There must be corresponding flat washers on both sides of the bolt, and the smooth surface of the flat washer faces outward. The washers of adjacent bolts should have a clear distance of more than 3 mm to prevent the heating of the magnetic circuit, and the corresponding spring pads should be added on the nut side.

8.5 The connection between the busbars should be tight. The contact is good. The configuration is neat and beautiful. The contact surface is checked with a 0.05×10 mm feeler gauge to meet the following requirements: the busbar width is more than 80mm, and it cannot be inserted into 6mm; the width is 50mm or less, and it should not be plugged Into 4mm.

8.6 Painting: (Not adopted by our company)

8.6.1 The surface of the busbar should be painted and the paint should be even. The adhesion is firm, and there should be no phenomena such as layering, wrinkling, sagging, etc., in the low-voltage cabinet. For the busbar with more connection holes in the box, the paint is not Beautiful and difficult to operate can be tinned as a whole.

8.6.2 The two sides of the joint are not painted at a distance of 10mm. The starting and ending points of the three-phase busbars should be kept neat, and the allowable error between the three phases is 2.5mm.

8.7 Fixed

8.7.1 The distance between the two fixed points of the horizontal row and the vertical row is less than or equal to 1m, and more than 1m must be added with fixed points.

8.7.2 At least two fixing points are required to fix the horizontal row and the vertical row, and it is strictly prohibited to fix with one fixing point.

8.7.3 The fixing of copper bars is made of insulators, epoxy boards and other insulating materials.


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