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Busbar connection

Busbar connection

6.8 Provisions for the number of joints: the length of the straight busbar is allowed to be within 5m with 1 joint, 5~10m

Two connectors are allowed within the range, and 4 connectors within 10-15 m. The exception is the high-voltage cabinet.

6.9 The connection between busbars and busbars is shown in Table 10. However, the connection between busbars and busbars of high-voltage switchgear has the following special specifications:

a. High voltage handcart cabinet:

   KYN1-10 cabinet main busbar and support busbar, the connection hole between the main busbar and the main busbar is φ13

Other types of handcart cabinets are connected with contact boxes, transformers, and busbars of the busbar pile heads and their corresponding component connection pile heads. The two rows above 80 width are connected with M16 bolts, and the rows below 80 width 50×50 are connected with M12 bolts.

6.10 The diameter of the hole of the bus bar connector should be greater than the diameter of the bolt 1mm, the drill hole should be vertical and not skewed, and the error of the center distance of the hole should be ±0.5mm.

6.11 Busbars fixed directly on the insulation board with screws, the mounting holes are waist round holes (d+1)×(d+4~5) (d is the screw diameter), when the length of the busbar exceeds 1m, the busbar must be Add support for porcelain bottles, (considering the thermal stability requirements of the mother row), (the waist round hole is shown in Figure 1). 



6.8 Connection of busbars and electrical components:

6.5.1 The cross-sectional size of the busbar is selected according to the above Table 1. Table 2.

6.5.2 When the busbar is connected to the electrical terminal, the width of the busbar should be greater than or equal to the width of the terminal of the electrical component, and its overlap length is 10 mm from the root of the electrical terminal. Show.

copper busbar bender

6.5.3 The size of the connection hole should be the same as the end of the electrical component, and the contact area of the connection part should not be less than the product of the width of the two busbars.

6.9 When two or more busbars are used in parallel, the gap between the parallel busbars should be the same as the thickness of the busbars for heat dissipation.

6.10 The connection between the large surface of the single busbar and the small surface of the double busbar (only applicable to low-voltage cabinets).

6.10.1 The selected bus bar must be a rectangular bar, and the surface is smooth, and the load flow of the bus bar must be more than 1.2 times the rated current;

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6.10.2 There must be a special conductive pad at the overlap between each other, and the pad must ensure a good conductive contact plane;

6.10.3 The connection method is shown in Figure 3:

a. The main row is single row or multi-layer row, and the leading row is double row;

b. Connection row Ⅰ is a double row, connection row Ⅱ is a single row, of which connection row Ⅱ processing requirements:

(1). The bending conforms to the following 7.5;

steel bending machines

(2) Drilling, when K≤30, the connection hole is 1; when K≥40, the connection hole is 2 or more

c. The main busbar must be double row, the lead row is single row or double row, when the lead row K≤40, the connection bolt is 1; when 50≤K≤80, the connection bolt is 2; when K≥ At 100, there are 3 connecting bolts. (K is the width of the busbar)

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