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Quality index of electrical energy

Quality index of electrical energy

Rated frequency: 50Hz (foreign: 50 or 60Hz)
Frequency deviation: ±0.2Hz (≥3000MW system)
±0.5Hz (<3000MW system)
Foreign: ±(0.1~0.2)Hz or ±0.5Hz
Quality standard: sine wave voltage and current
Harm and Harm of Harmonics: It will have a negative impact on the power grid, power equipment, and communications. Such as: increase line loss, damage capacitors, affect metering, protect against malfunctions, etc.
The hazard of low power factor: increase line loss, occupy transformer capacity, occupy line transmission capacity, cause terminal voltage to drop, etc.
The harm of three-phase unbalance: increase the line loss; the neutral line current increases the neutral point offset, causing voltage bias, affecting the safety of electrical equipment; reducing transformer utilization and reducing transformer service life.

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